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By Rosalee Pilling | 04/10/2022


Hi beautiful souls, I hope that everyone out there is doing well. I have been away for about two years, which is a long time in Blog years, and I miss sharing with you. I am very excited to be back. Even though I paused the blogs, I have continued to work on my book. Guys this blog is to encourage you to never give up on your dreams. Keep pushing! keep going! You are almost there! It is right over the bump! It is the right time! You have it in you! One more step! You are strong! The reward is worth it.


I know that the pandemic has affected all of us and that it hit some of us harder than others. If you have lost a loved one; had your physical or mental health compromised; lost your income, or relationships, please take some time to work on the grief. It is very important that we work through these traumatic situations as we move on with our lives to prevent them from becoming barriers later.


The potential to accomplish your dream is very, very high whether you believe it or not, and most of the times it does not take as much resources as you think to start. Let me share an example with you. I love books, and I have been an avid reader since I was three years old, so one of my dreams was to write a book and publish it. When I was younger, I thought about writing a novel. As I grew older and gained some deeper insight into life through multiple losses, I decided to write a non-fiction book about how to live without regrets. I have done extensive research, and I am making good progress, but life is too short for me to just wait.


This year as I reflected on the pandemic, and how fast things are changing, I decided that I am not going to wait on this book to be completed before I write and publish something, so I created a few smaller projects and publish them. It gives me so much gratification to do what I said that I wanted to do. Some people may say that I did not publish the book that I have been working on for years, but my dream was to write and publish a book and I did that.


Guys, you have the potential to accomplish your dreams now. There is no reason to wait.

As always I encourage you to:

Be U Because No One Else Can

Here is the link to the smaller projects:


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