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By Rosalee Pilling | 04/10/2022


Hi beautiful souls, I hope that everyone out there is doing well. I have been away for about two years, which is a long time in Blog years, and I miss sharing with you. I am very excited to be back. Even though I paused the blogs, I have continue... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 08/23/2020

Think about where you are today, and look back at all the things that you have been through and see if you can pinpoint the very time you learned how to manage what you are facing today. When we learn the pattern of life, and can identify what life is actually teaching us, we are better able to e... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 07/26/2020


Whether you set your own goals based on your vision, or society sets them for you, they all have one thing in common: implications for how you progress. Life will continue to bring challenges, and when you are not prepared to meet those challenges within your per... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 06/28/2020


Success is relative and can only be measured by individuals based on certain criteria that they set for themselves. For example, if you set a goal that you will exercise for an hour every morning before work for a week, and you did that, then you would have be... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 06/21/2020


It is natural for us to set goals and work towards them. Sometimes we set goals that take years to achieve, but the important thing to do when we set goals and are working towards them is to live our lives to the fullest potential everyday. Living means to take ... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 05/31/2020


Human connection is in our DNA, and when we lose that connection we can sometimes feel lonely, but you are not alone. The difference between feeling lonely and being alone is that being lonely can be precipitated by loss. You may have lost a loved one, or friend/... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 05/18/2020


As we move about in our spaces, we interact with the world and the world responds to us -often times- immediately and at other times in weeks, months, or even years. You may have asked yourself: why do I attract the same kind of relationships, or keep doin... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 04/27/2020


When 2020 started many of us thought that life would be different as it would have changed for the better. Those who made goals for living healthier, growing businesses, starting businesses, mending relationships, starting new relationships, changing unhealthy b... Read More

By Rosalee Pilling | 04/12/2020

In this time of utter uncertainty, where we have no idea when, where, why, or how, This is our chance to reset our lives. It is very difficult to hear people talk about their loved ones getting sick and entering the hospital never to return. Thousands of families are torn apart and grief is every... Read More